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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My 14 year old daughter has had chronic daily headaches since May 2009. They started a week after she had her braces removed and started wearing the retainer. Her braces were put on to correct an overbite. She has been tested pretty thoroughly and we have not found anything else that could be causing her headaches. She complains about her neck hurting and has also complained about her jaw hurting. Her orthodontist says he does not believe there is a connection and her jaw is aligned. How do I find out if she has TMJ or if something with her jaw may be causing her headaches? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would immediately have a Neuromuscular Dental Evaluation done. The bite can "look perfect" but still not be physiologically correct. This is especially true if permanent teeth were removed during ortho. I have supplied you information on a Neuromuscular Dentist in your area code. Please read my articles from Sleep and Health Journal for more information.

posted by LesaH at 7:58 AM

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