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Monday, August 16, 2010

Headaches after wisdom teeth extractions and residual paresthesia.

Question from ELMA:
What is the correlation between the removal of the third molar and migraine headaches? I have permanent paresthesia on the lower left lip and chin. This occured in 1987 and I never suffered with headaches or sinus problems until the surgery. I remember hearing the dentist asking his assistant "What is that?" once he extracted that particular tooth.

Dr Shapira Response: Dear Elma I have seen many patients who trace TMJ problems and headaches back to wisdom teeth extractions. This can be due to many reasons. You had damage to your trigeminal nerve during the surgery that causes parasthesia or permanent numbness.

It is also traumatic to the joints, ligaments and muscles to have third molars extracted. Injuries may not always heal correctly and bites can change leading to neuromuscular problems.

Frequently there were always underlying problems that do not express themselves until after extractions. Clicking can start in the TM Joints due to direct trauma to the joint or secondary to bite changes.

I am hoping my patented devices for early prophylactic removal or third molars before they calcify will eliminate most of this type of problem in the future. There is virtually no morbidity when the developing tooth bud is removed before calcification and it is a quick atraumatic procedure with the added benefit of allowing collection and storage of stem cells for future use.

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