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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry? I Hate Headaches.org has the answers.

This website is all about utilizing neuromuscular dentistry to treat and prevent migraines and tension type headaches.

I invite you to roam the site and follow the links to learn how the teeth, jaws and jaw muscles along with the trigeminal nerve are partially or completely connected to chronic pain. Neuromuscular dentistry can help a wide variety of chronic pains, treat sleep apnea and snoring, possibly alleviate sympoms of movement disorders including Parkinson's.

Visit Sleep and Health Journal (http://www.sleepandhealth.com/neuromuscular-dentistry) for my detailed article on Neuromuscular Dentistry that was first published by the American Equilibration Society and the republished in ICCMO's annual anthology of Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Learn why TMJ disorders are called The Great Imposter in another Sleep and Health Journal article. http://www.sleepandhealth.com/story/suffer-no-more-dealing-great-impostor

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