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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bent Face Syndrome, THJ Disorders and Chronic Tension Headache and Migraines

TMJ disorders and headaches are closely related. There are distinct differences in underlying structural differences in patients who experience Tension-Type Headaches and Migraine.

The pain can be primarily related to cervical and cranial musculature but can also be secondary to postural distortions that effect the central nervous system.

Bent Face Syndrome is caused by orthopedic displacement of cranial bones or Cranial Orthopedic Distortions. Other patients have Dental Distortions but the Cranial bones are correctly positioned. Most frequently patients have simultaneous cranial and dental distortions.

Symptoms can be headaches, ear aches, ear pressure, retro-orbital eye pain or pressure, ear stuffiness or mild, moderate, or severe and immobolizing headaches or migraines.

Correction of bites may not correct the underlying cranial bone distortion. As I write this I am in the middle of a course with Dr Bob Walker (founder of Chirodontics) who has developed simple methods to diagnose and treat both the cranial and dental problems. Inn addition to reductions in pain there is also major improvements in facial esthetics.

These methods can lead to rapid correction of these problems and improve final positioning. I first saw Bob present this information at the ICCMO meeting in October. What he accomplished was "impossible". After spending a full day with him I now know it is not only possible but relatively quick and easy. He also helps point out which patients are most likely to be very difficult to treat.

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