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Friday, November 4, 2016

Chicago Headache: Patient Testimonials

Just outside Chicago in Highland Park patients with long term problems are showing remarkable improvements in Quality of Life.

The book "Miracles on Park Avenue" told the story of a New York Physician who utilized Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks to treat many types of Chronic Pain.

I teach courses to physicians and dentists who want to utilize the amazing SPG Block.  The SPG Block is addresses the Autonomic Nervous System and its Sympathetic and Parasympathetic components.  SPG Blocks can turn off not just pain but anxiety, panic, sympathetic overload form "Fight or Flight" reflex, help correct cortisol levels and offer help in controllling the Limbic System, Hypothalamus, and reticular activating system.  This changes brain chemistry at the level of neurotransmitters in synapses including Serotonin, norepinephrine and acetyl choline to name a few with psychoactive drugs.

I have recently taught courses in New York, Scottsdale, San Diego and have course scheduled in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Seattle.

The SPG block is amazing but it is only one of many approaches to the elimination of headaches and migraines.  It is incredible important to recognize the multifactorial causes of headaches and address them to address all of the issues.

Neuromuscular Diagnostic  Orthotics are used to eliminate nociception into the Trigeminal Nervous System that is at the center of each and every headache and migraine.   This is a neglected area by most of medicine and neurology because the tools are not taught in medical school.  Even dental schools have pretty much abandoned teaching undergraduate dental students to mange chronic headaches.

It is now generally accepted that most if not all headaches have an association with Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction and taut muscle bands and trigger points referring pain to the head.  These problems include all muscles but especially cranio-cervical musculature and masticatory muscles.  Addressing these issues required a trained neuromuscular dentist who can relax and allow these muscle to heal.

The use of ULF_TENS is extremely helpful in eliminating pathology but other techniques include Spray and Stretch and Trigger Point Injections as taught by Janet Travell.  Myofacial Trigger Point Therapy as taught by Bonnie Pruden and developed by Travell and Pruden.

Correction of cervical issues with Atlas Orthoganol correction by an A/O or NUCCA Chiropractor when indicated.

There are many TMJ and Headache YouTube Testimonials on the Think Better Life Youtube channel. a few of these videos are referenced below:





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