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Saturday, May 1, 2010

TMJ Disorders can adversely affect the entire family.

TMJ disorders rarely only affect the patient but family friends and colleagues a well. Well there are many symptoms that are discussed it is actually the sum of these symptoms that changes patients personalities. A young mother who has dealth with severe pain uring the day has much less patience with her children and will often be short with them for no reason. She will then feel guilty about this which only exacerbates her symptoms.

A major aspect of sleep disorders if frequently excessive tiredness. This may be due to disturbed sleep from grinding but is frequently associated with upper airway resistance syndrome that is common in TMJ disorders and can lead to fibromyalgia symptoms. Disturbed sleep from any cause can lead to a wide variety of chronic pain conditions. Patients are often not aware of how poor their sleep really is. Many times they just never feel rested. This can be a strain on marriages when there is no longer energy for warm relationships and patients become mere autonoms going thru the motions of a normal life.

Headaches and Migraines associated with TMJ disorders can be overwhelming. Most physicians immediately treat the symptoms with powerful medications without considering that a true neuromuscular problem is at the root of these headaches. Correction of the underlying problem can let symptoms melt away like ice on a hot sumer day.

Children with TMJ disorders are more likely to snore and have ADHD which can be an extra stress on a parent already struggling and feeling like she is failing her family. Loss of social networks is common with any chronic pain condition because pateints are just to tired and beg off parties, dinners and other activities that would actually be therapeutic.

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posted by Dr Shapira at 1:13 PM

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