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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I get headaches more when I am tired or stressed or when it is sinus season

Glendale: I get headaches more when I am tired or stressed or when it is sinus season

Dr Shaira response: These are very common statement for people with neuromuscular problems, TMJ disorders or TMD

The reason is that most headaches are primarily modulated by the trigeminal nerve. The lining of the sinuses is innervated by the trigeminal nerve so the addition of sinus irritation to and existing problem is enough to push you over the edge. Stress in general is related to TMJ disorders, myofascial pain and headache. There are different types of stress our bodies cope with.

Structural stress is all about muscles, joints, bones, habits, trauma, bite, whiplash etc. Posture is about proper or improper alignment of all these body parts. The Quadrant Theory of Guzay shows that jaw position is incredible important in determining head posture. Head posture is extremely important in treating any chronic pain patient.

Emotional or life stress includes stresses related to family, money, jobs, children , parents, friends etc.

Biochemical stress includes diet, vitamins , minerals, organic disease, aleergies hormones an so on.

When our ability to cope is less than the total of our stresses and the system tells us pain, headache, sinus pressure etc.

It is always the total of stresses exceding our ability to cope that pushes pain over the edge. When you state stress or sinus season pushes you over the edge you are correct. Correcting the underlying structural stress will also raise the threshold before you feel pain. Total stress including all types is the culprit. Lowering any of the components will improve your quality of life.

A neuromuscular diagnostic orthotic is designed to remove noxious (painful) input to the brain, allow the muscles and joints to heal and for posture to correct..

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