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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chronic pressure and pain in the nose. Is this a "jaw problem"?

I suffer from chronic pain and pressure in my nose. Can this symptom be caused by a jaw joint problem?

Dr Shapira response: The pain and pressure in your nose may not be due to a "jaw joint" problem but may be referred pain from cranial muscles and/or a Trigeminal Nervous System problem. Neuromuscular Dentistry addresses noxious input into the trigemino-vascular system that may be the underlying cause of your pain.

Kinai: I suffer from chronic light sensitivity vision problems, and I suffer from chronic pain and pressure in my nose.
I also suffer some other symptoms (eye pain, etc.), as well. I had a brain MRI and a Orbit/Eye done in the past, but the results came back negative ("normal").

Dr Shapira: Normal results are always good. These sound like autonomic cephalgia's and may respond well to Sphenpalatine ganglion blocks that can be self administered with a cotton tip aplicator into the nose at home. Many patients have miraculous results from this rather innocuous treatment while others see no benefit.

I have many patients with diverse problems dissaper with just neuromuscular orthotic.

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posted by Dr Shapira at 3:25 PM

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