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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Diplomat in Pain Management Treating TMJ, Headaches and Migraines in Highland Park and Lake Forest

TMJ Disorders are often called The Great Imposter.  The painful symptoms can mimic many other disorders.  There are a select group of dentists who treat TMJ Disorders who are also Diplomats of the American Academy of Pain Management. 

The American Academy of Pain Management is the largest organization dedicated to treating chronic pains in all of its forms.

Whether you suffer from headaches, migraines, neck pain, TMD, TMJ disorders, foot pain or back pain there are doctors listed on the website of the American Academy of Pain Management who can help you with your problems.  These doctors have spent time and money learning how to better manage pain in their patients.

The user friendly website http://www.aapainmanage.org/ can help you search for doctors in your area who are members and/or credentialed members of the academy.  You can search for patients specializing in your specific type of pain. 

You can go to the directory page and look for credentialed members or general members in the members class field.  You can then search by state, city or zipcode.  I suggest beginning with a state search of credentialed members.

Dentists who treat TMJ Disorders are often key providers of treatment of migraines, chronic daily headaches, chronic migraines and tension headaches.

I am proud to be one of a handful of dentists in Illinois who is a credentialed Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management.  I utilize multiple techniques to treat and eliminate chronic headaches and migraines in addition to TMD or Temporomandibular Disorders commonly referred to as TMJ.

Please visit my websites:    http://www.thinkbetterlife.com  and delanydentalcare.com for more information on life changing treatment of your pain.


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