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Monday, March 23, 2015

Chicago Migraine Treatment Center: A Better Approach To The Treatment and Prevention of Migraine

There are numerous medical headache clinics in Chicago.  Diamond Headache Clinic, Robbins Headache Clinic, and the University of Chicago are among the best.  All of them utilize  the  typical medical approach to treatment of migraines and headaches of medications to alter the central nervous system.

There is another way to alter brain chemistry and that is to change the input to the central nervous system.  Changing neuro input changes the ratio of neurotransmitters at various synapses and changes brain chemistry.

The most Holistic approach to correcting brain chemistry is changing neural input to the brain.  This has no toxicities or medication side effects.  Neuromuscular Dentistry offers patients with chronic migraines new hope.

The first step in treatment is a consultation and work-up followed ay a diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic.  Patients frequently report 50-90% improvement after 1 week in the orthotic.  No pain, no meds.  There is additional improvement over time.

Additional procedures such as sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks, Greater Occipital Nerve blocks are also both diagnostic and increase efficacy of treatment.

Treatment is only continued when patients respond.  The majority of patients show vast improvement.

The only way to find out if this healthy alternative is idel for you is to have the diagnostic orthotic made but it is possible to utilize an Aqualizer as a "Bandaid Appliance" for a short time to feel the effects prior to starting treatment.

My favorite patients are the chronic migraine patients because we know if we can relieve their pain at the first visit we can vastly improve or eliminate their pain.  It is always easier to understand a problem you can see.  Episodic migraine is actually harder to understand in a single visit than is chronic daily pain.

If you ae tired of living with Migraine Pain contact the office and we will begin the process of pain elimination.

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