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Sunday, April 12, 2015

CHICAGO MIGRAINE CURE: Treatment and Prevention of Migraine Headaches

Migraines can be avoided, eliminated and cured with a combination of treatments designed to reduce noxious input into the Trigeminal nervous system.  It is universally accepted that migraines are mediated by the trigeminal input to the brain in conjunction with the trigeminal nerve control of blood flow to the anterior two thirds of the meninges of the brain.

There has long been a controversy whether migraine was a vascular headache or a neurogenic headache or a combination of the two.  Ther has never been a question over mediation of migraine by the trigeminal nerves.

Noxious input from the trigeminal nerve can be eliminated.  There is actually an appliance that has been FDA approved as a migraine preventive, the NTI -TSS appliance.  NTI-TSS stands for Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system.  It uses noxious input into the trigeminal nervous system to suppress bruxism.  The original appliance was Dr Peter Neff's  appliance that the NTI  concept was taken from.   There are many problems and risks associated with the NTI but there is a place for it in patients with migraines that occur in the night or upon awakening and who do not have sleep disordered berthing including apneas, hypopneas, RERAs, UARS, and/or snoring.

Patients with these problems should have their nocturnal breathing corrected which can often cure these same migraines.  The TAP appliance actually treats the breathing and simultaneously creates the same effect as the NTI simultaneously.

CURING MIGRAINES goes beyond the NTI and sleep disordered breathing to idealizing the cranial cervical physiology.  Neuromuscular Dentistry as part of a comprehensive program can cure many migraines by removing the noxious input to the CNS from the trigeminal nerve.  Correction of posture is important to eliminate myofascial pain and trigger points that also cause headaches.

Upper cervical spinal problems can also create migraines but the combination of neuromuscular dental orthotics and atlas orthoganol correction creates long term stability.

The first step is always diagnosis and trial reversible treatment.  A diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic shold always be the first step in neuromuscular treatment and prevention of migraines. Correction of upper cervical probles is easier when the orthotic is worn and adjustments hold better.  It is important to understand that changes to orthotic and upper cervical areas must be balanced carefully to achieve homeostasis.

Curing migraines depends on maintaining this homeostasis.  There are migraine triggers that are chemical in nature that must be controlled by diet and avoidance.  Many patients find that over time these migraine triggers have less effect.

There are no migraine cures that work for everyone but neuromuscular dentistry offers many patients near miraculous results.  The combination of neuromuscular dentistry with upper cervicsal stabilization is even more powerful.  SphenoPalatine Ganglion Blocks can be used on more difficult cases to turn off and prevent migraines.  These were discussed in a popular book "Miracles on Park Avenue".  In my office we teach patients to self administer SPG blocks with cotton tipped swabs and lidocaine delivery.   Learn more about treatment of headaches and migraines at

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