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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

TMJ Specialists and Migraine Treatment

Neuromuscular Dentistry is an ideal treatment for TMJ disorders, Myofascial Pain Disorders and Migraines. The organization  ICCMO was founded by Barney Jankelson the father of Neuromuscular Dentistry to advance knowledge and excellence in dentistry and specifically the treatment of TMJ disorders and chronic pain.

ICCMO stands for the International College of CranioMandibulr Orthopedics.

 There is no specialty in in TMJ but training in Neuromuscular Dentistry allows dentists to control nociceptive input into the trigeminal nervous system.  The Trigemino-Vascular System is responsible for almost 100% of headaches and migraines.

Neurologists treat these disorders chemically with drugs which unfortunately have frequent and sometimes dangerous side effects.  Many patients do not see significant lasting relief from drug oriented treatment.

Neuromuscular Dentistry also changes brain chemistry by elimination of nociceptive input to the brain.  This changes the neurotransmitter chemistry without dangerous medications.

The first step in TMJ treatment is a thorough history and exam.  Treatment is begun with a diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic.  It is designed so it can be adjusted by grinding or additions in the initial phase of therapy.

Initial therapy is directed at reduction of pain and return to normal function.

Patients should avoid irreversible therapy until they have had significant lasting relief of pain.  The diagnostic orthotic is designed as a trial occlusion device.

In addition to orthotic therapy neuromuscular dentists often utilize diagnostic blocks and trigger point injections.

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks can prevent migraines and chronic daily headaches when used prophylactically.

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View patient testimonials at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9Bfz6pklC7_UluWFHzLrg

While there is no speciality of TemporoMandibular Disorders there are very special doctors who learn to improve the lives of their patients.

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