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Monday, February 8, 2010

Glasses and Headache Treatment: How your Optician can help relieve your Occipital and Neck Pain

An Optician can be a vital team member when it comes to treating headache pain. An Optometrist is a specialist in prescribing contanct lenses and glasses which can frequently help headaches coming from eye strain. An Opthamologist is a MD who specializes in diseases of the eyes and will do surgical interventions when necessary. Opthamologists can prescribe medications and prescribe contacts and glasses.

The Optician is offered considered someone who sells glasses but can often be the most important member of the team when treating occiptital (back of head) headaches and neck pain. Patientw will frequently cause neck pain by poor posture when working in various conditions. A sharp Optometrist can angle the lenses on glasses in order to correct postual problems. An example would be tipping the lenses on an angle so the head must be upright to read from a desk thus preventing patients tipping their necks excessively causing cervical muscle spasm and occipital pain. The same holds true when using a computer of other tasks that glasses can effect head position.

In the textbook Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: A Trigger Point Manual by Travell and Simons there is are excellent examples of how head posture can be affected by activities and how specially fitted glasses can correct these problems. My family I have used Brian Scott of Doyle opticians in Deerfield for many years and I refer patients to him frequently.

The informed optician can frequently make a enormous difference in patients neck pain.

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