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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long term success with TM Joint pain and headaches

I just saw a patient today that I treated a few years ago. Shae had had over 25 years of severe TM Joint pain and Headaches. She was referred to me by an Oral Surgeon in Texas. This patient had worn an oral appliance continuously for years with only partial pain relief.

A diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic and trigger point injections had led to complete pain relierf and she opted for a cosmetic dental reconstruction as she was anxius to no longer wear an appliance. It has been several years since the reconstruction and though she mad a couple of appointments she would always cancel before she camein.

I saw her today, still free of jaw pain and headaches because she had chipped two anterior veneers and had stayed away because she was worried about cost. In the last year her husband and her bought a new house and he lost his job. They now had two mortgages to pay and she needed emergency surgery. There are some personal family problems that are upsetting and a few other crisis. There was no return of the chronic jaw pain and/or headaches in spite of the stress. She had broken her oral appliance that treatwed her sleep apnea as well and that was when she chipped the teetth.

It turns out the chips in the porcelain were minimal and just needed smoothing. She will be receiving a new sleep apnea appliance very soon which will also prevent her from chipping her teeth.

After a lifetime of chronic pain her neuromuscular dentistry kept her comfortable even while under some of the worst stress in her life. Luckily her husband is now working again at a better job and they rented the second house so they are no longer stuck with two mortgages.

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