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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Libertyville: TMJ Problems, Learn how Neuromuscular Dentistry can alleviate or eliminate your pain. Learn how Neuromuscular Dentistry can change you

TMJ disorders can cause sever migraines, facial pain, tension-type headaches as well as diverse symptoms like tinnitus, sinus pain and pressure, dizziness and neck pain.

Patients frequently spend years looking for an answer to their pain. All patients with chronic head and neck pain should read "SUFFER NO MORE: DEALING WITH THE GREAT IMPOSTER" in Sleep and Health Journal. Don't suffer needlessly.

I have been changing lives for years treating TMJ, Sleep and headache disorders wih neuromuscular dentistry. Ibegan utilizing the power of Neuromuscular Dentistry in 1980 to improve my patients lives.

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posted by Dr Shapira at 9:04 PM

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