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Friday, April 25, 2014

TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Migraines treated in Dr Ira Shapira's new Highland Park, Illinois office.

I have been treating TMJ Disorders  and associated tension headaches, chronic daily headaches and migraines for over 30 years in my Gurnee office.  My new office at 3500 Western Ave in Highland Park will be dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain and sleep disorders.

I have been practicing and teaching the art and science of Neuromuscular Dentistry and Sleep Disorder Dentistry long before it became well known.

Doing research at Rush MedicalSchool in the mid 1980's I discovered the physiologic similarities in the bires of patients with sleep apnea and TMD.

While I will continue my general practice in Gurnee the new office will be dedicated to treatment and elimination of pain and sleep disorders.  The DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics actually offer an non-surgical cure for obstructive sleep apnea.

The new office website is still under construction but is www.thinkbetterlife.com.

This name was chosen to because the goal of our treatment is to offer solutions that lead to a better life.  The location in Highland Park  will make it easier for my Chicago patients to visit as it is across the street from the Fort Sheridan Metra Station.

I will announce the Grand Opening Soon

Thank You Dr Ira L Shapira

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