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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cluster Headaches

Blues Freak comments : I have cluster headaces for 8 plus yrs. I wore a TMJ piece nite and day for 2 yrs with no relief. Oxygen for almost a yr. even accuputcunter for over a yr. with a small amount for a short time. I don't work any longer I'm 56 on disabilty now. I need help

Dear Blues Freak,

When you say you are using oxygen I assume that is during an acute attack.. Oxygen (100%) can usually stop a cluster in its tracks. I understand that you wore a "TMJ mouthpiece" but all appliances are not the same. Some appliances are designed to effect primarily the jaw joint (TMJ) rather than address the neuromuscular problems that caused the joint problems. I call some appliances POPs which stands for Piece of Plastic. What is important is not the piece of plastic but how that piece of plastic how it functions. Some TMJ appliances ever do more than act a as a POP. TMD is Temporomandibular Dysfunction which includes muscles and joints. It is often necessary to evaluate the joints connecting the head to the first to vertebrae of the spine. The brain stem passes thru this area and these have an enormous effect on jaw relations as well as the entire nervous system. Atlas Orthogonal and NUCCA are two chiropractic groups that work with this area of the body.

I prefer the term orthotic or orthopedic appliance but what is important is what affect it is having on the body. In neuromuscular dentistry treatment starts with relaxing the muscles by pulsing the trigeminal nerves to create muscle relaxation but more importantly we then use the relaxed position to set the orthotic for minimal adaptation. This allowa the trigeninal nerve and the associated vascular effects to stabilize. http://www.sleepandhealth.com/neuromuscular-dentistry contains an explanation of how neuromuscular dentisty functions.

With cluster headaches it is possible initially to provoke a cluster headache so I would advise if oxygen relieves your pain to make sure the office is equipped with oxygen if needed.

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posted by Dr Shapira at 12:35 PM

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