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Monday, September 27, 2010

Chronic daily headaches and meds don't work. What should I do? Neuromuscular Dentistry may be the answer.

Chronic headaches without a cause are frequently related to the Trigeminal nervous system and have no specific diagnosis. When headaches are not helped by routine medical care a neuromuscular dentist may be the best answer.

Question from Tiffany: I have been having headaches everyday now for about a year and 9 months now. Had no accidents or head trama btu i have headaches everyday ..No meds work for me only excedrin for about an hours and the head aches is right back. I really dont know the cause but i would like to find out more or what could be causing this.

Dr Shapira Response.

Tiffany, chronic headaches are usually coming from head and neck musculature, especially those muscle innervated by the Trigeminal Nerve. There may or may not be any joint noise or discomfort. A thorough medical evaluation with your physician to rule out organic disease is alway in order.

I start patients with a consultation appointment and usually can relieve a significant amount of pain during the appointment. Most muscle pains can be allieviated or eliminated temporarily with vapocoolant spray and stretch techniques to confirm muscle problems.
I start treatment with a thorough head and neck exam and a neuromuscular dental work up and than a neuromuscular diagnostic orthotic. Most patients see drastic improvement in just a couple of visits. There are no magic cures and it takes time for a chronic problem to unwind completely.

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