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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Patient Inquiry:

My now 25-year old daughter was poisoned by ethylene glycol which was placed in her drink at a party. She almost died and was in the ICU for several days. She lost her hearing and since that time has had a constant, severe headache with ear pressure which is worsening over time. This is so severe I had to resign from my paralegal position to care for her and her child. So far, no medication prescribed by her doctor has helped at all. The only thing that has ever helped are narcotic pain medications, but her doctor does not want to prescribe those for her. She is in bed in pain most of the time. Do you have any suggestions that may help her pain? Thank you.

Doctor Response:


I am very sorry for the problems your family has endured. I have no expertise on Ethylene Glycol poisoning but I would initially focus on kidney and/or liver damage creating metabolic or electrolyte imbalances resulting in the severe pain. You may want to seek out a medical university with a toxicology program. I would be cautious with drugs until any long term kidney or liver problems have been ruled out.

I would also urge you to look into an Aqualizer appliance. They are inexpensive and could be used as a trial appliance that does not requir a doctor's visit. If the aqualizer gives significant relief than you can investigate neuromuscular dentistry for possible relief.

Dr Ira Shapira

posted by Dr Shapira at 7:51 AM

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