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Friday, December 11, 2009

An article in Science daily states "To main tain muscle strength with age, cells must get rid of garbage that slowly accumulates in them", TMJ problems and headaches are usually from unhealthy muscles that have taut bands and trigger points. Breaking up of trigger points by injection, massage or other means frequently is referred to as "releasing toxins" and can be associated with diarrhea, nauesau or other symptoms. Massage therapists frequently recomment drinking lots of water to flush toxins. This has been scoffed at by many "real doctors" who consider the idea of toxin release "silly".

The article describes "The cellular junk includes toxic clumps of malformed proteins, pathogens and spent organelles, which are cellu­lar compartments used for specific functions."

The study done on mice by MRCO SANDRI OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PADOVA IN ITALY was published in the Journal of Cell Metabolism. He reported that the muscles were "not happy" when damaged parts were not removed. He described his findings as being similar to what is seen in muscle wasting diseases.

Neuromuscular Dentistry focuses on restoring muscles to a healthier state by using TENS to pulse the muscles. The muscles contract and pump out waste products and the process increases blood flow to take those waste products away and bring in nutrition. If built up waste products causing aging damage than removal of those waste products would reverse that process and could be considered an anti-aging muscle effect.

The basic premise of neuromuscular dentistry is to restore health by setting up an environment where the body can accomplish healing. In neuromuscular dentistry we do hat on a cellular level and on a neurological level.

Doctors do not heal patients. The best we can hope for is to remove the impediments to healing so are bodies can restore themselves to health.

Aging is still consided an inevitable conclusion to life but Aubrey DeGray has painted a different picture. He says all we need to do is fix the seven types of damage and we can reverse or at least eliminate diseases of aging.

Neuromuscular dentistry reverses the damage to the system caused by physiologiclal changes that result from a poorly functioning system. There is a simple logic that each and every aspect of neuromuscular dentistry addresses.

posted by Dr Shapira at 7:09 PM

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