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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

severe migraines after surgery.

comments : I first started having very severe headaces about 10 years ago. I went to the doctor and he said I had to see a neurologist. I found out that I had hydrocephlus. I had the surgery and things got better for a little bit. Now the headches are worse. I went back to the neurologist and now he tells me it's migraines. He put me on replax and topomax but they aren't working at all. He just ups the dose. He also told me it has nothing to due with the hydroceophlus. I need help!! I have a major headache a least three times a month. I go to the doctor almost everytime I have one. They give me painkillers but I can tell by the look on their face they think I'm a drug seeker. I'm not I wait as long as I possible can before going to see a doctor for it. Because I know what's in store. Please help me!!!

Response. Obvioualy the drug are not effective. I am glad that you recovered from the hydrcephalus surgery. The pain you now has is not, according to the neurologist related to hydrocephalus and may respond well to a neuromuscular orthotic. I suggest a diagnostic orthotic to evaluate effectiveness of an orthotic as headache treatment initially. Topmax is not effective for over 50% of patients. Most headaches are related to the trigeminal nerve and are helped or eliminated through neuromuscular ental treatment.

posted by Dr Shapira at 6:44 PM

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