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Friday, December 11, 2009

Posture correction,PPM Mouthguard, leg length and A/o or NUCCA Chiropractic

Slightly rewritten from an LVI forum post explaining to new neuromuscular dentists the importance of body posture and a few of the ways t can be addressed.

I had the supreme honor of studying with Janet Travell and watched her magically turn long legs into short legs and vice-versa. A trick I picked up from her 30 years ago was to correct the standing leg posture, have the patient walk and correct it again. I use paper towels as temporary orthotics in the shoe. I have the patient take short walks and the readjust the foot orthotic (paper towel). It is done easily by feeling the top of he hips with your finger tips and getting them at eye level (patients love having their doc on his knees) after several adjustments it will stabilize.

I take most of my bites standing so I will do this before taking bite or adj. The bite is essential but is not just a record of upper jaw to lower jaw, but rather a way to capture 3 dimensional body mechanics and jaw relatin simultaneously.

I teach the patient how to do this at home. They need a full length mirror and two marker spots on the top of the hip bone. They stand 4-5 feet back from the mirror and hang a black plumb line in the middle of the mirror and can self adj.their orthotics. Initially they will do this several times a day. I Rx they just buy several diffent Dr Scholl pads an self adj frequently. Sometimes the lift will switch sides more than once while the spine staightens itself.

The second trick is to also check the hip height in the sitting position. We use tushy orthotics to even height of hips sitting. It is crucial to know if the high side changes from sitting to standing because it corkscrews the spine and wreaks havoc on the bite. These are the patients whose Atlas is never stable. We send them for Atlas orthogonal adjustment with a leg correction, We have the leg length checked standing before they leave because it may need a change in the orthotic and we check the sitting orthotic because they are sitting in the car going from one office to the other. We frequently have them keep an aqualizer in their mouth or a coton roll as well so we get a/o aj without having it affected by the bite. It would be a whole lot easier if we could just cut the head off and just deal with the bite.

The patient does the same proceedure with the plumb line but sits on a hard flat chair. The patients keep their tushy orthotics in their car, desk chair, couch etc. For long term correction of structural hip deficiecy I have had patients, usually women have them made from bike pants that the pads are adjusted and "tummy control"

If a patient has a structurally short hip on one side sitting and leg length discrepancy on the other we are guaranteeing long term problems and dental failures in the mouth.

It is vital patients do their ascending correction 24/7 or it is the same effect of our orthotics not being left in. Corrections must be continuous.

When I have a patient and we do the pen test (I use cotton rolls easier to adj to improve results) we show them arm strength and balance with the correction then without. I then correct leg length with something under shoe and repeat the test. They get the same results. We then do a double correction to increae strength and balance more and the we blow them away because they lose strength and balance regardless if we take away the shoe lift or the bite correction. They now completely understand ascending/descending concepts.

Now all we have to worry abut is the AP position of spine from hips to head including pelvic tilt and hip rotation and balancing pecs and rhomboids and the effects on jaw relation.

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posted by Dr Shapira at 6:36 PM

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