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Saturday, December 19, 2009


comments : I have TMD - diagnosed by MRI, significant anterior and lateral displacement of the disc on my left side. I have migraines, stomach issues, constant neck and back pain and stiffness and allergies. I also have trigeminic neuralgia - undiagnosed, but the shooting pains in my ear can be nothing else. The ENT specialist says my ears are fine. I had my last migraine for 7 days and I would estimate that I have at least a low grade headache every day. I am at my wits end and I am tired of trying to guess at who can possibly help me. Someone please help.

The MRI explains the joint problem. The rest of the pain is probably neuromuscular. Neuromuscular dentistry can help correct the pain problems but the displaced disk may or may not return to a normal position. It is possible to remain comfortable even though the joint is displaced.

posted by Dr Shapira at 1:11 PM

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